Use Wind Synthesizer with KQ MiniSynth

On Feb. 5th, 2023 I updated KQ MiniSynth to the version 3.1. I write about using wind synthesizer (e.g. Aerophone, EWI, Carry-on DWI) with KQ MiniSynth.

First, add a Custom Controller to allow the Breath Controller to be entered.
If the amount of breath, such as Carry-on DWI, is sent in CC#11 instead of CC#2, set “Breath Source” to “CC#11/#43/#2/#34” from the settings. This will cause CC#11 to be converted internally to CC#2.

New in version 3.1 is the curve function. This allows you to adjust the breath sensitivity.

Applying an LPF of VCF with a cutoff frequency of about 20 Hz to the breath signal will smooth the signal.

Oscillator sync is recommended for wind synths. To do this, prepare two oscillators, input the V/Oct from the I/O panel to one and the pitch of the modulated breath to the other, and connect the output of the former to the SYNC of the latter, resulting in a specific sound. In the patching example, a V/Oct vibrator is used for modulation.

It is also recommended to use a LPF of VCF to slightly increase resonance and modulate STR with a breath signal; in the case of a LPF, STR is the opposite of cutoff, so an Invert should be placed in between.

In the patching example below, Or is used to process the breath signal only when a Gate/Velo signal is present.

A patch is here. (KQ MiniSynth is required.)

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