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Please directly contact me by e-mail using the contact information below if you want me. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Kira Q Tech

Representative: KIRA Ryouta
— My family name is Kira.

I am not proficient in English. But I try my best.


I generally ignore e-mails that may be fraudulent or that contains advertisements.
Please stop sending me periodic advertising e-mails without my consent and without my permission. If I receive such an e-mail, I will add you to my rejection list.
My response may be treated as a junk mail. Please check your junk folder.
I recommend you not use Apple mail addresses (e.g.,,
Emails sent to the addresses are often deleted without being classified as junk.

I started using my mail address as iMessage account.
I had not received any messages via iMessage before March 16th, 2019.


  1. DO NOT USE MACHINE-TRANSLATION INTO JAPANESE. Machine-translation is a developing technology. Use English instead.
  2. I prohibit reproduction of this contact information.

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy (with Google Translation) is here.

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