isfizz is a SFZ file player.
Quick Guide

SFZ is an open text format for sampled sound instruments. This app can load SFZ and play the instrument.

– Includes Audio Unit Extension (AUv3).
– You can edit SFZ string.
– The app loads SFZ files in place without copying the files.
– Double tap to enter the value, triple tap to reset.
– Supports Scala tuning files (.scl).
– Supports MIDI.

Supported sample file format:
– .wav (raw PCM)
– .aiff
– .mp3
– .flac
– .ogg (vorbis)
– .wv (wavpack)

This app is an iPhone/iPad port of sfizz-ui project.
The app is made from some sfizz-ui codes and images.
About half of the income from this app will be donated to SFZ Tools team.

Source code of the engine v1.2.3-kqmod20240223:

isfizz Icon
Ryouta Kira
Download on the App Store

isfizz Icon
Ryouta Kira
Download on the App Store

Version History

Date format: Year-Month-Day (JST, UTC+9).

Version 1.3.11

A crash bug has been fixed.

Released on 2024-05-16

Version 1.3.10

Modified the behavior to ignore past MIDI packets, resolving the issues like initial silence in BeatMaker 3.
Enhanced compatibility by making the loading of SFZ files case insensitive in .bank.xml.

Released on 2024-05-16

Version 1.3.9

The maximum number of files that can be opened internally has been increased.

Released on 2024-04-16

Version 1.3.8

Small changes.

Released on 2024-03-25

Version 1.3.7

Fixed a bug that caused “image_controls” overwrote “image” opcodes.
Fixed a bug that caused slow scrolling with images.
The new file is initially located to a folder which contains the original file when users try to “save as”.
Other fixes.

Released on 2024-02-29

Version 1.3.6

Changed process for background images.
Fixed some crash bugs.

Released on 2024-02-28

Version 1.3.5

Fixes an issue that caused stuck notes.

Released on 2024-02-24

Version 1.3.4

Some internal optimizations.
Fixed a problem that prevented files* from being opened especially in the older system.
Added support for image opcodes.
Fixed a problem with adding reverb.

* Includes .dspreset files (Decent Sampler format, experimental).

Released on 2024-02-23

Version 1.3.3

Fixed a bug in which the level meter was reversed left to right.
Fixed a bug in which knobs were not updated.
Some improvement.

Released on 2024-02-15

Version 1.3.2

Fixed an issue that caused noises when loading files on 16-out.

Released on 2024-02-13

Version 1.3.1

Fixed a bug that caused terrible gain in the later outputs in 16 out.

Released on 2024-02-13

Version 1.3

Added a Multiple Output function for Audio Unit (isfizz 16 Out).
Improved stability.

Released on 2024-02-11

Version 1.2.13

Much improved performance.
Much improved the memory footprints. (Multiple instances shares the memory of samples.)

Released on 2024-02-06

Version 1.2.12

Fixed a crash bug when deallocating the Audio Unit.
Fixed a bug that some settings were not saved.

Released on 2024-02-03

Version 1.2.11

Improved performance. (There were bugs in the engine.)
Improved memory management.

Released on 2024-02-01

Version 1.2.10

Updated the sfizz engine.
Improved file loading (now case-insensitive).
Added support for some opcodes.

Released on 2024-01-29

Version 1.2.9

Improved stability.

Released on 2024-01-18.

Version 1.2.8

Fixed a bug that prevented the folder select window from appearing.
Fixed a crash bug.

Released on 2024-01-14.

Version 1.2.7

Improved file loading.
Changed some text.

Released on 2024-01-11.

Version 1.2.6

Fixed a crash bug. (Especially when mixing-down on Cubasis 3. All previous versions have the bug.)
Other fixes.

Released on 2024-01-07.

Version 1.2.5

Fixed a bug that key switches were unavailable. (The versions 1.2.3 and 1.2.4 have the bug.)
The app worns when you use cloud.
Other fixes.

Released on 2024-01-05.

Version 1.2.4

Fixed a crash bug. (All previous versions have the bug.)

Released on 2024-01-05.

Version 1.2.3

Fixed a bug that caused a crash. (The versions 1.2 – 1.2.2 have the bug.)
Other fixes.

Released on 2024-01-05.

Version 1.2.2

Fixed a minor bug.

Released on 2024-01-04.

Version 1.2.1

Some popup windows have been changed.

Released on 2024-01-04.

Version 1.2

Supports ARIA banks (experimental).
Some bugs are fixed.

Released on 2024-01-03.

Version 1.1

Improved the loading time.
The default expression control has become an option.
Added opcode blocklist.
Changed MIDI process. Check the MIDI device again if you chose one.

Released on 2024-01-02.

Version 1.0

The initial version.

Released on 2024-01-02.