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V/Oct Vibrator


This is a module which lets the input pitch vibrate and outputs it.
Try to connect LFO to “Wave In” and connect “V/Oct Out” to an Oscillator’s “V/Oct”.


  • V/Oct In

    Select a pitch source to vibrate.

  • Wave In

    Select a wave source contributing to vibrate.

  • Width

    A width to vibrate.

  • CV

    Select a source to input the amount of the width to vibrate.

  • V/Oct Out

    This outputs a pitch.

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Keyboard Level Scaling

Keyboard Level Scaling

This is a module which lets an input value increase/decrease by input pitch and outputs it.
The rate to increase/decrease is the value of “L.Slope” when input pitch is lower than “Break Point”, the value of “R.Slope” when the pitch is higher.


  • L.Slope/R.Slope

    A rate to increase/decrease. A positive value to increase, a negative one to decrease.

  • Break Point

    A threshold point.

  • Gain

    A value for changing the output volume.

  • Source In

    Select a source to process.

  • V/Oct In

    Select a pitch source.

  • Out

    This outputs the processed.

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Ring Modulator


This is a module to do “Ring-Modulation”.


  • Wave In 1,2

    Select sources to input waves to do ring-modulation.

  • Out

    This outputs the ring-modulated.

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