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I/O Panel


This is a fixed panel for Input/Output.

Connectors / Parameters

  • Volume

    Change Volume.

  • Pan

    Change Pan position.
    64 — Center.

  • Portamento Time

    Change time during gliding notes.
    0 — Do not glide.
    100 — 1 seconds.
    127 — 20 seconds.

  • RESET button

    Reset all controllers.

  • MONO button

    Toggle Monophonic and Polyphonic.

  • GLIDE button

    Enable always gliding.

  • Gate/Velo

    This outputs the strength with which you press a key.
    The range is -1 ~ 1:
    0 ~ 1 if keys are pressed, -1 if not.

  • V/Oct

    This outputs the pitch of the key.

  • Mod

    This outputs the value of the modulation wheel.
    The range is -1 ~ 1.

  • Start/Stop

    This outputs the state of the button “START”/”STOP”.

  • Tempo

    Set how fast it beats.
    Also you can set Tempo with tapping the button “TAP”.

  • Speaker Output

    The synthesizer outputs this input as sound.

  • PANIC button

    Silence if in panic.

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Custom Controller

Dummy Panel

Output MIDI Controller Value.
Use this module if you control the Synth with MIDI signal.
Also it is able to change the value.


  • Ctrl No

    MIDI Control Number.
    LSB controllers are valid though those are not selectable.

  • Value

    A value of the controller.

  • FINE button

    If enabled, the value range is 0 ~ 127.
    If disabled, the range is -8192 ~ 8191.

  • Value Out

    Output the value.
    This outputs -1.0 if the fine value is -8192,
    0 if the value is 0,
    1.0 if the value is 8191, or so on.

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Const Value

This outputs a constant value.

Connectors / Parameters

  • Coarse

    Set a coarse value.

  • Fine

    Set a fine value.

  • Value

    Displays the value.

  • V/Oct

    Displays a note name when the value is treated as V/Oct.

  • Out

    The output.

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Oscilloscope (Version 3.0)

This module displays the input.

Connectors / Parameters

  • PAUSE button

    Pause the display.

  • Frequency

    Set the sampling frequency.

  • In

    Select sources as input.

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Dummy Panel

Dummy Panel

This is a blank panel.

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